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Date: 30 September 2023

Time: 18:02

MDT meetings

The Cancer Services MDTs meet on the following days and times at QEHB.

Adrenal Tuesday (bi-weekly) 14:00 
Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Monday 12:00
Brain (including SRS) Tuesday 12:30
Breast  Wednesday 14:00
Thursday 12:00
Colorectal Friday 12:30
Haematology Thursday 12:00
Head and Neck (including Thyroid) Wednesday 10:00
Hepatobiliary (HPB) Thursday 12:30
Hepatobiliary (HCC) Thursday 14:00
Lung (including Mesothelioma) Tuesday 08:15
MIRHO Monday 14:00
NET Thursday 12:30
Pituitary Wednesday (bi-weekly) 08:30
SABR Wednesday (bi-weekly) 12:30
Sarcoma (including Cancer of Unknown Primary - CUP) Wednesday 09:00
Skin Thursday 09:00
Skin Lymphoma Monday (bi-weekly) 10:30
Skull Base Wednesday 08:30
Teenage and Young Adult Tuesday 14:00
Upper GI Wednesday 14:00
Urology (including Testicular) Friday 09:00

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