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Date: 30 September 2023

Time: 17:27

myhealth@QEHB: unlocking your own health records


myhealth@QEHB is a leading-edge patient records portal developed by the in-house Technical Development and Informatics team at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust (UHB).

UHB initially ran a trial with a number of liver patients under Dr James Ferguson, Consultant Hepatologist. Dr Ferguson, along with his patients, has been involved with the project from the outset and has contributed to its development, reviewing its functionality to ensure that the service will have a positive impact on patient care. The system is now being phased in through 11 other specialties.

myhealth@QEHB allows patients in long-term care to remotely access much of their clinical information held at the hospital, including their letters and laboratory results.

Patients can submit information direct to their consultant, allowing their consultant to instantly see the updates and respond where necessary. Patients can store and share files pertaining to their health on the system, view and add their own appointments at and away from the hospital, as well as receive reminders, and much more.

We believe myhealth@QEHB is also the UK's first patient-focused social network (although we prefer the term "support network").

Patients can interact with each other within the portal and create their own support networks of fellow patients who they wish to contact for help, advice or friendship. Patients can converse with each other, start journals about their health, publish information to their support network, view other patients' news feeds, and more.

myhealth@QEHB is simple, flexible, modern and empowering. We've really only begun the journey of discovering just how powerful a tool this could be to the Trust and our patients.

The initial trial was kindly funded by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB) Charity.


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