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Date: 28 November 2023

Time: 15:51

The Norman Power Centre (NPC) Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who provides care at the NPC?

Care is provided 24 hours a day and is nursing-led. The centre also provides a five-day therapy service to support patients that may benefit from additional rehabilitation.

The workforce consists of registered nurses, therapy staff and nursing assistants working alongside facilities colleagues.

Patients at NPC are transferred to the care of Dr Wyrko, Consultant Geriatrician when they move there. Medical cover is provided by UHB junior doctors, supervised by Dr Wyrko, who visit the centre on weekdays.

The ward provides an environment that is less clinical than the wards at Queen Elizabeth Hospitals Birmingham (QEHB) and the care received can be focused on activities to support re-ablement and discharge.

Where is the NPC?

The NPC is located at:

14 Skipton Road
B16 8JJ

How are patients transferred?

The Trust’s non-emergency patient transport team and West Midlands Ambulance Service will transfer patients from their current ward to the centre. The journey usually takes around 20 minutes.

Why do patients have to be transferred to NPC?

Some patients at QEHB are medically fit to no longer be in an acute hospital, and often the next steps in their care are being arranged.

This may mean patients are transferred while they are waiting for a bed in a nursing home, waiting for their own home to be adapted or another package of care that will address the longer term care needs of the patient is being arranged in the most appropriate way.

Patients transferred to NPC will ensure that beds are available in the hospital for patients that are more unwell and require more care from a hospital-based team.

Is the care provided lower quality than patients may receive at QEHB?

No, care provided to patients will always be given with their dignity, respect and comfort in mind.

The centre is managed by a senior sister, as all QEHB wards are currently, and all patients will be transferred to the care of Dr Wyrko, Consultant Geriatrician.

However, as these patients will be assessed as no longer requiring an acute hospital bed, their medical needs will be addressed by the UHB doctors who visit the centre throughout the week, and will be discussed with the consultant if required.

Where can I eat?

The NPC does not have any restaurant or vending machine facilities.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are provided for patients at the centre; however we cannot provide food for visitors.

Staff will of course be happy to provide drinks such as tea, coffee and water to visitors, though visitors will be required to bring their own food or visit a shop or restaurant nearby.

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