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Your views

Your Views

Your feedback is vital to us as we continue to increase the quality of our services.

Your views

Date: 28 May 2023

Time: 07:31

February 2016 results

The Outpatients Friends and Family Test result for February 2016 is 97%. This is based on 965 responses.

AreaTotal number of responsesWould recommendedWould not recommended
Outpatients 732 96% 2%
Imaging (including X-ray) 11 100% 0%
Therapies 222 100% 0%
Total 965 97% 2%

We’re doing this well

  • Patients satisfied they are receiving an efficient service
  • Excellent care and support from the staff
  • Our staff communicate well and patients feel well informed about their care

We’re working on this

  • The department has set up a working group to review signage across the outpatient department to improve patient flow
  • Improvement of plasma screens, implementing more in the sub-waiting areas

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