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Date: 30 September 2023

Time: 16:09

Wireless Internet access

During your visit or stay, you can benefit from free NHS Wi-Fi which is available at the following sites:

  • Birmingham Chest Clinic
  • Castle Vale Dialysis Unit
  • Good Hope Hospital
  • Heartlands Hospital
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
  • Runcorn Road Dialysis Unit
  • Solihull Hospital

If you’re visiting one of these locations and would like to get online, just follow the below steps to get connected:

  1. Navigate to "Settings" on your device and select either "Wi-Fi & Internet" or "Connectivity"
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi
  3. Select "NHS Wi-Fi"
  4. After a few moments an alert will pop up saying "Sign into Wi-Fi network NHS Wi-Fi". Click the alert and you will be taken to a sign in page
  5. Once the page has loaded, read the terms and conditions and then click "Connect". Your device should remember this network and automatically log you on when on-site

Please note, as with any free Wi-Fi service, NHS Wi-Fi will struggle to support mass live streaming of content. Unfortunately, hospital staff cannot assist if individual devices do not connect to the network. Staff are there to care for patients and don’t have expertise in technical support.

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