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Date: 30 September 2023

Time: 18:14

May 2015 A&E performance headlines

Latest UHB Emergency Department performance (May 2015)

Time to initial assessment by doctor or nurse for patients arriving by ambulance

95% of patients waited 8 minutes or less from arrival to initial assessment

Time to treatment by clinical decision maker

On average patients waited 59 minutes from arrival to treatment

Total time in A&E

95% of patients waited 239 minutes (3 hours, 59 minutes) or less from arrival to departure

Non-admitted patients

95% of patients not requiring admission to hospital waited 236 minutes (3 hours, 56 minutes) or less from arrival to departure

Admitted patients

95% of patients who needed admission to hospital waited 287 minutes (4 hours, 47 minutes) or less from arrival to departure

Left without being seen

2.03% of patients left the department before being seen

Unplanned re-attendance

6.57% of patients returned to A&E within 7 days

Flowchart key

Green Performance meets the minimum performance threshold
Red Performance does not meet the minimum performance threshold yet

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