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Date: 30 September 2023

Time: 18:08

Specialist rehabilitation for audiology patients

Our multi-disciplinary team offers a nationally unique service within the NHS for patients whose complex needs are often unmet by standard audiology services. Referrals come primarily from within the West Midlands region, but we also accept referrals from outside the area.

We provide rehabilitation services to adults who have lost their hearing, for whatever reason.

  • We aim to find creative solutions to the problems arising out of hearing loss
  • We can provide information and teach skills to help individuals, families and carers
  • We try to help people with complex problems caused by their hearing loss; usually those people with severe hearing losses
  • We are skilled in helping people with multiple disabilities

Our patients

We see patients with acquired hearing loss and adults with additional problems, such as:

  • tinnitus
  • learning difficulties
  • mental health issues
  • other physical disabilities

Our service

We offer:

  • fitting of a full range of hearing aids appropriate for individual patient needs
  • hearing therapy
  • advice on use and management of hearing aid systems, environmental aids and communication devices
  • counselling
  • deaf awareness training
  • teaching of active listening skills
  • communication group sessions
  • advice on managing tinnitus, either on an individual basis or in a group
  • close links with the cochlear implant and bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA) programmes
  • advice on technical aids
  • speech and language therapy
  • family awareness group sessions

Contact us

For further information regarding the services we provide, please contact Audiology.

Telephone: 0121 371 7100

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