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Date: 9 December 2022

Time: 18:25

Balance assessment process

When a balance assessment has been requested you will receive an appointment to attend the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Audiology Centre (QEHAC). With the appointment you will receive an information booklet telling you about what happens at your assessment.  It also contains some important information that you need to know before you attend.

You will be seen by two audiologists specialising in hearing and balance. The aim of the assessment will be to investigate the possible source of your imbalance.

The audiologists will start by asking some questions about your balance problems. Although you will have given your history to a doctor before, it is important to go over it again so the audiologists get a first-hand account of your balance problems. This will help us decide which tests are necessary. All tests will be fully explained before starting and will only be carried out with your consent.

When all the necessary tests are complete, the audiologists will look at all the results and discuss them with you. In many cases it's not possible to identify the cause of your balance problem on the day as further testing or analysis of the results may be needed. Wherever possible though the audiologist will discuss the possible cause of your balance difficulties and discuss possible treatments. Depending upon the results, doctors may then prescribe medication, and in many cases our Hearing Therapy team can offer a programme of balance rehabilitation to help with the recovery of the system.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Audiology Centre has achieved national accreditation with the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Accreditation number: IQIPS 7978.

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