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Date: 19 July 2024

Time: 19:28

Birmingham NeuroEndocrine Tumour Centre

A European NeuroEndocrine Tumour Society (ENETS) Certified Centre of Excellence

The Birmingham NeuroEndocrine Tumour (NET) Centre is based at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham (QEHB). It is an ENETS-certified Centre of Excellence that has been providing a specialist service to patients for 30 years.

We are providing the latest cancer therapies to patients, including:

  • medical treatments for carcinoid syndrome
  • highly specialised cancer surgery
  • carcinoid heart disease surgery
  • nuclear medicine “magic bullet” treatments such as Yttrium or Lutetium radionuclide therapy (called PRRT)
  • targeted chemotherapies such as everolimus and sunitinib
  • complex radiological interventions including radiofrequency ablation and trans-arterial embolisation
  • urology treatments
  • dietary advice
  • psychological and social support

We aim to provide a patient-focused service that is also convenient to access. To this end all NET patients are managed according to individualised treatment plans. In addition, both medical and surgical specialists are present in the joint NET clinic, enabling us to deal with most of our patients’ issues in one place.

We are leading the way in empowering patients to get the best from the health service. QEHB patients can have access to their records online through myhealth@QEHB (see link below). Patients are also able to keep an electronic symptoms diary. We are developing this system further to allow each patient to have their personalised healthcare plan.

QEHB and University of Birmingham are developing the Institute of Translational Medicine and Centre for Rare Diseases in order to accelerate improvements in patient survival. These developments offer tremendous opportunities for patients and doctors to work together to greatly improve patient experience and outcomes.

The Birmingham NET Centre has been generously supported by neuroendocrine tumour patients and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity (see link below).


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