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Date: 14 July 2024

Time: 20:45

Image: Health and wellbeing graphic with wildflower background

Community Orchard and Gardens for schools

Getting your hands dirty and clothes covered in mud are all part of growing up, for children learning how plants grow and actually being involved in that can be fascinating and inspiring.

In partnership with a local food school and other green fingered partners, the Orchard hopes to show children how to plant, keep and cook fresh produce.

This will not only encourage children to eat more of the green and good stuff, it will help equip them with the skills and knowledge to make better choices for the future – it is also great fun to be a part of a group that can grow it, cook it and eat it.

In addition we aim to make the link between the Metchley Roman Fort and the foods the Romans introduced to Britain. The raised beds are configured to represent the layout the fort is thought to take. Paths around the meadow and earth works represent the fort embankments and service roads.

To see how you might help your children grow, please contact the Community Orchard and Gardens Team.


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