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Date: 17 June 2024

Time: 11:31

Hand surgery procedures instructional videos

This series of instructional videos was produced by the Birmingham Hand Centre in collaboration with the Video Unit at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

They are aimed at trainees in trauma and orthopaedics and plastic surgery.

The instructor in this series is Mr V Rajaratnam, Consultant Hand Surgeon, MBBS(Mal), AM(Mal), FRCS(Ed), FRCS(Glasg), MBA(USA), Dip Hand Surgery(Eur).

The disks can be bought for £100 each or £500 for the boxset of six (prices do not include VAT). Each box contains both a dvd (DVD-R) and a BluRay disk (BD-R) in the PAL (UK) format for both standard and high definition viewing (please check your BluRay player is compatible with the BD-R format).

If you would like to order these disks, see a preview or if you'd like to know more, please contact the Video Unit.

Telephone: 0121 371 6690

Disk 1

  • RSL Fusion
  • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  • Carpal Tunnel Decompression

Disk 2

  • 1st stage flexor tendon reconstruction
  • 2nd stage flexor tendon reconstruction
  • 2nd stage flexor tendon graft

Disk 3

  • Digital nerve repair, right middle finger
  • Sural nerve graft for ulnar nerve defect
  • Excision of glomus tumour
  • Vein ensheathing

Disk 4

  • Littler flap
  • Z-plasty

Disk 5

  • Release of left middle finger PIPJ contracture
  • Linburg Comstock complication following ORIF distal radius
  • Removal of internal fixation: extensor and flexor tenolysis proximal phalanx

Disk 6

  • Isolated SSN palsy
  • Trapeziectomy and APL suspension
  • Ulnar collateral ligament repair
  • Synovectomy

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