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Date: 26 May 2024

Time: 12:31

Frequentley asked questions

Do I have to take part in a research trial if I am asked to do so?

No, participation in research trials is voluntary. By signing the consent form, you agree to take part, but you are also free to withdraw at any time and without giving a reason.

If you choose not to take part or withdraw at any stage your medical care will not be affected.

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Why will I be asked?

The inclusion criterion for each study varies. The research team will determine if you are eligible and discuss this with you.

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What are the possible benefits of taking part?

The potential benefits of a particular trial will be discussed with you, as these can also vary. The results of studies aim to help us to treat people with HIV better in the future.

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Will my taking part in a study be kept confidential?

Yes. All the information about your participation in any study will be kept confidential. Medical and personal information about you will be collected and remain at the hospital site. People who work for or with the sponsor (usually a pharmaceutical company) and the regulatory authorities will have access to this information at the hospital site in order to check that the study is being conducted properly.

The sponsor's staff who see this information at the site are also bound to keep it confidential.

Any information transferred off-site will be in a coded (anonymised) form. It will not include your name, address, or other direct identifiers.

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What will happen to my tissue and blood samples from a study?

In some studies we ask for your consent to store your samples for possible testing at a later stage. Samples that are stored will be coded (anonymised) and will not be labelled with information that directly identifies you.

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Anyone approached to participate in a trial will be given the mobile and office telephone numbers for the research team. If you have any particular queries or concerns please feel free to contact the research team during normal working hours. Continued support and a point of contact will also be offered throughout a research trial.

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