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Date: 24 September 2023

Time: 08:44


About us

The neurophysiology department provides a broad range of diagnostic tests to adult patients affected by symptoms which may indicate a neurological condition.

We perform approximately 12,000 investigations each year on both outpatient and inpatient adults.

Our department is actively involved in the training of student clinical physiologists; therefore, a student may perform or observe your test under supervision (your consent will be obtained prior to the start of any test).

Clinics and specialties

We perform the following investigations:

  • EEG
  • Sleep-deprived EEG
  • Ambulatory EEG
  • Video EEG┬átelemetry
  • Multiple sleep latency EEG
  • Evoked potentials (visual, somatosensory, brainstem, dermatomal)
  • Nerve conduction studies and electromyography
  • Outreach clinics for CTS/Ulnar (Royal Orthopaedic Hospital)
  • Choose and book clinics for CTS
  • Pre-operative spinal monitoring tests
  • Single-fibre EMG
  • EMG-guided botox
  • Corticography
  • Spinal monitoring
  • Cranial monitoring
  • Deep brain stimulation

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