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Date: 30 September 2023

Time: 17:00

Quality and Outcomes Research Unit (QuORU) terms of reference


QuORU Board

  • Oversee the development and implementation of quality/outcome metrics and research delivered and developed in line with agreed timescales
  • Ensure a coordinated approach to the future development of monitoring and measuring of quality across the Trust
  • Provide a vehicle in which outputs from quality monitoring initiatives and research can be raised at the Trust's Clinical Quality Monitoring Group (CQMG) and ultimately, if applicable, the Chief Executive’s Advisory Group (CEAG)
  • Engagement with national bodies to share learning, encourage adoption of QuORU indicator definitions and highlight gaps in existing national data collections


Quality and Outcomes Research Unit (QuORU) structure


The executive lead for the QuORU will be David Rosser, Executive Medical Director. The executive lead has delegated the role of chair to the QuORU clinical director which will be subject to review should there be a change in personnel or circumstances. This group will be chaired by the QuORU clinical director, the deputy chair or the Director of Medical Director’s Services. There are designated QuORU clinical leads who are consultants and cover a number of specialties each as shown in the structure chart.


QuORU board meetings will be deemed quorate if the Chair, Deputy Chair or nominated deputy plus a minimum of two QuORU clinical leads are in attendance.


Due to significant interest in the QuORU, the Board has established a recruitment process for vacant QuORU lead posts as follows:

  • Advertisement completed by the Chair, Deputy Chair and Director of Medical Director’s Services
  • Advertisement emailed to all consultants requesting expressions of interest
  • Expressions of interest reviewed by the Chair, Deputy Chair and Director of Medical Director’s Services
  • Suitable applicants invited to informal interview with the Chair, Deputy Chair and Director of Medical Director’s Services
  • Outcome communicated to applicants and then to the QuORU board

QuORU clinical leads will be members for an initial period of three years following appointment which will be subject to review as part of the appraisal process.

Appraisal of QuORU clinical leads

QuORU clinical leads will be appraised every three years or sooner if circumstances dictate. The appraisal methodology will be developed by Mr Andrew Reid (Associate Medical Director), Professor Domenico Pagano and Dr Richard Thompson.

Frequency of meetings

Meetings will be held approximately every five weeks from 07:00 – 09:00 on Wednesdays to enable QuORU clinical leads to attend.

Meeting organisation

  • Agenda items should be put forward at least one week prior to each QuORU board meeting
  • Papers and slides will be circulated to all members of the group at least two working days before each meeting
  • Minutes and action points will be circulated within two weeks of the meeting to all members of the group
  • Members should inform the Chair, Deputy Chair and Director of Medical Director’s Services if they are unable to attend for any reason and provide a brief outline of any key issues for discussion at least two working days before the meeting


The QuORU board will receive verbal and/or written progress updates from the QuORU clinical leads and informatics team at each meeting.

Any performance-related or other key issues will be reported by exception to the Executive Medical Director by the Director of Medical Director's Services, the QuORU Clinical Director or the Head of Quality Development. The consultant lead will be copied into any correspondence. The Executive Medical Director shall see fit as to what exceptions are taken to the Clinical Quality Monitoring Group (CQMG).

The QuORU board will submit annual progress reports to the CEAG with additional reports provided where any significant matters arise between meetings.

Review arrangements

The terms of reference alongside the frequency and timing of meetings will be reviewed annually to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

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