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Date: 23 February 2024

Time: 03:28

X-ray radiation qualities

For calibrating diagnostic X-ray instruments, RRPPS produces the radiation qualities and irradiation conditions which are in accordance with the stated requirements of CEI/IEC 61267: 2005, Medical Diagnostic X-ray Equipment - Radiation Conditions for Use in the Determination of Characteristics.

A limited number of these beam qualities are included as standard; others are available by prior arrangement only.

Table 1 - Standard Radiation Qualities RQR: radiation qualities in radiation beams emerging from the X-ray tube assembly

Standard radiation qualityX-ray tube voltage (kV)Half-value layer (mm AI)
RQR 2 40 1.4
RQR 3 50 1.8
RQR 4 60 2.2
RQR 5 70 2.6
RQR 6 80 3.0
RQR 7 90 3.5
RQR 8 100 4.0
RQR 9 120 5.0
RQR 10 150 6.6


Table 2 - Standard Radiation Qualities RQC: radiation quality in radiation beams emerging from the irradiated object simulating the patient

Standard radiation qualityApproximate X-ray tube voltage (kV)Normal first half-value layer (mm AI)
RQC 70 8.4


Table 3 - Standard Radiation Qualities RQT: radiation qualities used for the determination of characteristics in CT applications

Standard radiation qualityX-ray tube voltage (kV)Half-value layer (mm AI)
RQT8 100 6.9
RQT9 120 8.4
RQT10 150 10.1

As part of our quality assurance and measurement traceability procedures, the radiation qualities specified by the IEC are cross referenced against the measured X-ray spectrum end point (peak photon energy), obtained using a hyper pure germanium detector.
Further details may be obtained from our paper "Development of a Calibration Facility for Test Instrumentation in Diagnostic Radiology", S.Green, J.E.Palethorpe, D.E.Peach & D.A.Bradley, published in Radiation Protection Dosimetry No 67, July 1996, pp41-46. For more information see external links.


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