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Date: 9 June 2023

Time: 10:07

Best in Care Awards

Winners and shortlisted nominees from the Best in Care Awards, 2011

Best in Clinical Care

  • Midlands Hearing Implant Programme
  • Carmel Maguire, Nurse, Liver Outpatients
  • Consultants Sat Parmar, Timothy Martin and Maxillofacial Team [winner]

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Best Non-clinical

  • Sioux Bailey, Head of Outpatient and Community Service Development and Eve Sutton, Outpatient and Community Development Manager
  • David Chance, Ward Housekeeper
  • Deborah McKee, EPR Programme Manager [winner]

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Care Quality

  • Dr Elizabeth Rankin and Rheumatology Team
  • Colorectal Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Liver Outpatients Team [winner]

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CEO Award for Innovation in Practice

  • Andrew Riddle, Clinical Photographer and Carly Betton, Clinical Photography Team Manager [winner]
  • Carolyn Pitt, Lead Nurse Quality and Workforce and Sue Crossfield, Senior Clinical Educator
  • Dr Andrew Holt, Transplant Hepatology

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Governors’ Award for Customer Care

  • Mr Demetrius Evriviades, Burns and Plastics
  • Linda Russell, Support Services Manager [winner]
  • Physicians’ Assistants, Anaesthetics

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Contribution to Infection Prevention and Control

  • Matt Fowler, Senior Charge Nurse, Ward 625
  • Ward 515 [winner]
  • Helen Hinton, Biomedical Scientist (MLSO)

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Dignity in Care

  • Lesley Thomas, Staff Nurse, Burns and Plastics [winner]
  • Darren Pratley, Activities Coordinator
  • Martha Bardini, Nurse

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Member of the Year

  • Patrick Moore, GP Liaison, Communications
  • Graham Bunch
  • Aprella Fitch [winner]

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Patricia Taylor Award for Excellence in Service

  • Charnjit Ghag, Healthcare Assistant, Theatres [winner]
  • Alice Turner, Healthcare Assistant, CDU
  • Denis Martin, Healthcare Assistant, CCU

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QEHB Charity Supporter of the Year

  • Helen Woodman, Macmillan Paediatric Liaison Radiographer and the Radiotherapy Team [winner]
  • Rhodri Williams, Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon and the Cycling Surgeons
  • Maria Round, Sister and the Liver Outpatients Department Team

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Patient Carer of the Year

  • Gemma Lewis-Smith, Sister
  • Gillian Bodley, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Breast Care and Joanna Bowden, Breast Clinical Nurse Specialist [winner]
  • Paul McMurdie, Auxiliary Nurse

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Volunteer of the Year

  • Jackie Povey
  • Brian and Kathleen Wood
  • John Tones, Jim Ford, Marc Higgins, Doreen Gregory, Mary Thomas and Liz Galloway [winner]

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Chairman’s Employee of the Year

  • Sajan Khosla [winner]
  • Jacqui Peel [winner]
  • Ray Shillam
  • Jenny Dodds

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Oustanding Achievement Award

  • New Hospital Team [winner]
  • Karl Hinett [winner]

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