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Date: 19 July 2024

Time: 18:32

Tania-Maria Wall's story

Tania raises funds for hoist

Tania-Maria Wall, a patient at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, has raised £610 to purchase a new hoist for ward East Lower A.

Tania, from Ludlow, shaved her head while she was on the ward having treatment last year. The money raised will go directly to the ward’s fund within the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity, the official charity of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

Tania was on the ward from September to December last year and noticed that staff shared a hoist with a nearby ward. She decided to fundraise to buy an additional hoist which would make it easier for staff.

Tania said: “I really wanted to help the ward in some way and to replay them for the excellent care I received. I knew that having this extra piece of equipment would make their lives easier and so I shaved my head and asked for donations. It’s great to come into the hospital and present them with the money and to thank them for looking after me with such kindness and professionalism.“

Tania wrote to her local newspaper to thank staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She wrote: “I often wonder why some patients do not use their manners and thank these people for the wonderful job they do. Too many people are quick to criticise. People always look for the bad things, never the good. I would like to thank these people for making my stay away from my loved ones more bearable. I am facing further surgery but trust this group of people with my life."

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