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Date: 19 July 2024

Time: 20:31

Liver transplant outpatient clinic

You will be expected to attend Liver Unit outpatients clinic within a few days of being discharged.  You will then be expected to attend the outpatients clinic weekly for four to six weeks, depending on your condition.

As you get better these appointments are extended fortnightly and then monthly. After three months, we will reduce the frequency to three-monthly, six-monthly and eventually yearly visits.

For the first three months you will be seen by the surgeons and the liver transplant co-ordinators. Then you will be seen by the physicians you saw before the transplant. Clinic visits are shared with your local team.

The importance of clinic visits cannot be stressed enough.  They allow the doctors to see how well you are recovering, to monitor your liver and kidney function, and to check the level of anti-rejection medication in your blood.

They also give you an opportunity to ask questions and to tell the doctors and co-ordinators if you have any problems or concerns.

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