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Date: 28 November 2023

Time: 16:17

Waiting list questions and answers

How long will I have to wait?

Unfortunately we can't be certain how long you will have to wait.  If you have any concerns about waiting times, please see contact us in the related links box.

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What if I get very sick while I'm waiting?

You must inform the transplant co-ordinators if you are admitted to hospital for whatever reason or if your GP prescribes a course of antibiotics.

If you are particularly unwell you may be transferred to Birmingham. Sometimes patient are temporarily taken off the waiting list until their condition improves.

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Am I allowed to go on holiday while I'm waiting?

Yes, holidays can be important to relieve the stress of being on the waiting list, provided you are well enough. Holidays must be on the UK mainland only.

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How is the right donor for me found?

Matching of donor and recipient depends on many factors, including:

  • blood group
  • size
  • quality of the donor liver
  • how unwell the recipient is
  • length of time on the waiting list

The transplant surgeon assesses the factors and  reaches a decision when a donor liver becomes available.

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How much time do I have to get to hospital for my transplant?

You should leave home within about one hour of being called in for your transplant unless the transplant co-ordinator says otherwise. You will always have enough time to travel to the hospital safely.

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What if I have no way of getting to hospital for my transplant?

It is your responsibility to arrange transport to the hospital for your transplant. If you have absolutely no way of getting in you should discuss this with the transplant co-ordinators at the time of your assessment.

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What if the transplant co-ordinators can't contact me?

If the transplant co-ordinator is unable to contact you when a suitable donor for you comes available, you run the risk of missing your opportunity of a transplant. Therefore, you must remain contactable at all times. The transplant co-ordinators will discuss this with you during your assessment.

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