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Your views

Date: 24 September 2023

Time: 08:47

The BCHI assessment

The initial assessment will be with an audiologist and may last up to two hours. You are very welcome to bring a partner, family member or friend with you.

The assessment may involve the following:

  • Discussion about your hearing loss, general health and reasons for referral
  • Hearing test
  • Assessment of your current hearing aids
  • Discussion of the hearing options available to you – it may be that another type of aid may be more suitable for you
  • Hearing aid refitting if appropriate
  • Explanation of how the BCHI works

At the end of the assessment you will know whether your hearing loss is suitable for a BCHI and can decide if you wish to consider having one fitted. You will then be given an opportunity to have a home trial with a BCHI on a headband and a further review appointment will be booked.

If after the trial you decide to go ahead with a BCHI, an appointment will be booked with one of the consultants in the BCHI team to discuss surgery.

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