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Date: 26 May 2024

Time: 13:15

The Renal department at University Hospitals Birmingham

Renal services (kidney)

You may be referred to the renal clinic to see a kidney specialist who will assess how well your kidneys are working and discuss any treatment or medication you may need.

You will see a number different people while you are here:

  • The clerk will see you on arrival and again before you leave to make your next appointment should you need one
  • The nurses will introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have. A nurse or healthcare assistant will take your blood pressure and weight. Please ask how your blood pressure is doing and get to know what it should be
  • You will be asked to provide a urine sample. This will be tested for various substances to help to identify how well your kidneys are working
  • Blood tests provide most information on the health of your kidneys and allow changes to be monitored. A phlebotomist will take some blood from your arm. This takes only a minute or two. There is a possibility of some bruising around the area it is taken from though it should not hurt
  • A dietician will be available to give any advice should you require it
  • The doctor will ask general questions on your health and past family history. They will carry out a basic physical examination and you may be asked to attend for extra tests such as X-ray. They will also advise you of any medications or changes that may be required
  • The renal clinics are run by a group of consultants and their teams
  • After any consultation they will contact your own GP to keep them informed

You will probably be given another appointment but when the results of your blood tests are available it is possible that a nurse may contact you to ask you to change medication or attend for repeat/further tests.

We are open Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00, except on bank holidays.

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